V. Adm. Richard H. Truly, USN (Ret.)

Rear Admiral Richard H. Truly, USN
V. Adm. Richard H. Truly, USN (Ret.)
(NASA photo, 1989)

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Profile as published in the Spring, 1989 program book. Author unknown.

Rear Admiral Richard H. Truly, USN has been selected to receive the 1989 Rotary National Award for Space Achievement for his 20 years of distinguished career contributions to the U.S. space program, first as an astronaut and then as an administrator. In that time, Admiral Truly has made exemplary contributions to the operational achievements of the Space Shuttle Program to the recovery activities following the loss of Challenger, and to the current NASA efforts to regain preeminence in space exploration. By presently serving as Associate Administrator for Space Flight at NASA headquarters in Washington, D.C., Admiral Truly's leadership has helped to return the American space program back to the business of space exploration with the recent successful Space Shuttle missions.

Prior to his present position as Associate Administrator for Space Flight, Admiral Truly was the commander of the newly created Naval Space Command in Dahlgren, Virginia, where he integrated future space programs for the Department of the Navy. He then served as chairman of the STS 51-L Data and Design Analysis Task Force which assisted the Presidential Commission in its investigation of the Challenger accident. His comprehensive knowledge of Space Shuttle systems enabled him to organize a team capable of an objective review of the cause of the accident, thus helping the Commission to complete its investigation on schedule so that NASA could continue with the recovery of the nation's Space Shuttle Program.

Admiral Truly was an astronaut at the Johnson Space Center from 1969 to 1983. He was a member of the astronaut support crew and capsule communicator for all three manned Skylab missions in 1973 and for the Apollo-Soyuz mission in 1975. In 1977, Admiral Truly was one of two pilots for the 747/Space Shuttle Enterprise approach and landing test flights. In November 1981, Admiral Truly piloted the second mission of Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-2), the first manned spacecraft to be reflown in space. In 1983, Admiral Truly was commander of the Space Shuttle Challenger for the STS-8 mission when it made the first night launch and landing for a Space Shuttle.

For his work in the space program, Admiral Truly has received numerous awards. Among the awards are the NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal (1988), the Federation Aeronautique Internationale Gold Space Medal (1984), two Space Flight Medals (1983 and 1981), the Thomas D. White Space Trophy (1982), the NASA Distinguished Service Medal (1981), the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Haley Space Flight Award (1980), the American Astronautical Society's Flight Achievement Award (1978), two NASA Exceptional Service Medals (1978 and 1973), and the JSC Superior Achievement Award (1972).

The Rotary National Award for Space Achievement Foundation is proud to name Rear Admiral Richard H. Truly the recipient of the 1989 National Space Trophy.

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