Advisors serve on the RNASA Board as volunteers and individuals who are knowledgeable about the space program. Therefore, titles are not listed for current members. Titles listed below are included, when known, for historical identification only and applied during the first year of service on the board. Years of service on the RNASA Board of Advisors are listed in parentheses.

Jim C. Adamson, CEO, United Space Alliance (1997-2003)
Dr. Joseph P. Allen, Executive Vice President, Space Industries, Inc./Former Astronaut (1987-2002)
Dr. Lew Allen, Director Jet Propulsion Laboratory (1989-2010)
Hon. Mike Andrews, U.S. House of Representatives (1988-1992)
M.S. (Sam) Araki, Exec. V.P. Lockheed Missiles and Space Systems (1994-1997)
Neil A. Armstrong (2000-2012)
Virginia A. Barnes, CEO of United Space Alliance (2011-2015)
J. R. Beyster, President, SAIC (1998)
R. Admiral Lyle G. Bien, USN, Commander, Naval Space Command (1995)
Kent M. Black, Senior V.P. & COO, Rockwell Intl. Corp. (1996-1998)
Walter J. Boyne, Director, National Air & Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution (1987-1988)
Maj. Gen. Roy D. Bridges Jr. (Ret) (1998-2005)
G. Porter Bridwell (1995-1996)
Hon. George E. Brown Jr., U.S. House of Representatives (1993-2001)
R. Adm. H. A. Brown, USN, Commander, Naval Space Command (1993-1994)
Eugene Cernan, USN (Ret.) Former Astronaut (1998-2017)
Vance D. Coffman, President, Lockheed Martin Corporation (1998-2007)
Dr. Aaron Cohen, Director, Johnson Space Center (1987-2010)
Dr. Dale L. Compton, Director, Ames Research Center (1993-1994)
Charles "Pete" Conrad Jr. (1999)
Lt. Gen. John Costello (2000-2003)
Dr. Jeremiah F. Creedon (1998-2003)
W. Patrick Daily (2002)
Hon. Tom DeLay, U. S. House of Representatives (1993-2006)
Col. Michael DeLorenzo, Head, Dept. Astronautics, USAF Academy (1998-2002)
Clint Denny, Pres., Loral Space Information Systems (1993-1998)
Alphonso V. Diaz (2000-2005)
Robert Dickman, AIAA Executive Director (2005-2012)
Steven D. Dorfman, Pres. and CEO, TRW Elect. & Defense (1994-1998)
Edsel D. Dunford, Vice President & General Manager, TRW Electronics and Defense (1989-1997)
Cort Durocher (2004-2005)
Gerald W. Ebker, President, IBM Federal Systems Division (1990-1994)
Roy S. Estess, Director, Stennis Space Center (1993-2010)
J. W. Evers, V.P. Unisys Information Management Services (1997, 1999-2000)
Dr. Maxime Faget, President, Space Industries, Inc. (1988-2005)
Donald E. Fink, Editor in Chief, Aviation Week and Space Technology (1987-2001)
Dr. Leonard A. Fisk, Assoc. Adm., Space Sciences & Applications, NASA (1990-1994)
Jon E. Forbes, President, CAE-Link Corporation (1990-1994)
Kenneth Francis, Exec. V.P. McDonnell Douglas Space systems Co. (1991-1995)
Senator Jake Garn, U.S. Senator (1988-1993)
Stephen Gauvain, Reporter, KTRK-TV, Houston (1988-1996)
John Getter, Reporter, KHOU TV, Houston (1987-1988)
Col. Robert B. Giffen, Dept. of Astronautics, USAF Academy (1991-1996)
Robert R. Gilruth, Former Director, Johnson Space Center (1987-1993)
John H. Glenn, USMC (Ret.) Former Astronaut (2000-2017)
Dr. Glen A. Goerke, President, University of Houston Clear Lake (1993-1999)
Daniel S. Goldin, NASA Administrator (1995-2003)
Barry Goldwater, Former U.S. Senator (1987-1988)
Dr. S. William Gouse, Senior V.P. & General Manager MITRE Corp. (1991-1997)
R. W. Hager, V.P. & Gen. Mgr. Boeing - Huntsville Division (1990-1993)
Hon. Ralph M. Hall, U.S. House of Representatives (1993-1999)
Lt. Gen. Charles R. Hamm, Superintendent, U.S. Air Force Academy (1988-1992)
Karl G. Harr Jr., President, Aerospace Industries Association (1987)
Henry W. Hartsfield, Test Pilot, Shuttle Commander (2000-2005, 2007-2014)
George G. Hauser, Pres. CAE Link (1994-1995, 2003-2005)
Michael K. Henshaw, President, Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space (1998-2002)
Michael A. Hernandez Jr., President, Hernandez Eng. (1998-2002)
General Robert T. Herres, Commander, U.S. Air Force Space Command (1987-1988)
William L. Hill, Director, Business Dev. CSC (1997-2001)
Shepard W. Hill (1998-2015), Senior Vice President of Business Development & Strategy and President of International Division at The Boeing Company
Paul F. Holloway, Director, Langley Research Center (1993-1996)
Jay Honeycutt (1996-2005)
General Charles A. Horner, USAF (Ret., 1995) Commander US Space Command (1993-1999)
Lt. Gen. Bradley C. Hosmer, Superintendent, USAF Academy (1993-1994)
Lt. Gen. Jefferson Howell (Ret.) (2003-2005)
Dr. Carolyn L. Huntoon (1995-2000)
Sam F. Iacobellis, Ex. V.P., Chief Operating Officer, Rockwell International Corp. (1990-1997)
Col. Michael W. Keaveney, USA Deputy Comdr. Army Space Command (1993-1994)
Dr. John M. Klineberg, Director, Goddard Space Flight Center (1993-1995)
General Donald J. Kutyna, USAF, Commander in Chief, U.S. Space Command (1992-1993)
Dr. Christopher C. Kraft Jr., Director, Johnson Space Center (1987-1995, 1999-2014)
Hon. Nicholas V. Lampson, Member of Congress (1998-2005)
Peggy Lathlaen, Finalist, Teacher in Space Program (1987-1990)
J. Victor Lebacqz (2004-2006)
T. Jack Lee, Director, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (1990-1994)
William B. Lenoir, Associate Adm. for Space Station, NASA Headquarters (1990-1994)
Dr. Wayne Littles (1997-1999)
Dr. Alan M. Lovelace, Vice President, General Dynamics Corporation, General Manager, Space Systems Division (1987-1994)
Hans M. Mark, Chancellor, University of Texas System (1987-1993)
G. Thomas Marsh (2006)
Robert T. McCall, Aviation/Space Artist (1987-2010)
Lt. Gen. Forrest S. McCartney, Director, Kennedy Space Center (1987-1993)
Capt. Michael J. McCulley, USN (Ret.) (2001-2007)
Dr. Henry McDonald (1998-2004)
John A. McLucky, President, Boeing Space Systems IS&DS (1998-1999, 2001-2005)
Mark K. Miller, President, Boeing Aerospace Company (1987-1991)
Robert G. Minor, President, Space Sys. Division, Boeing North American (1997-2000)
Michael I. Mott (2004-2005)
George E. Mueller (2000-2015), CEO of Kistler Aerospace
Ken Munechika (1995-1996)
James P. Noblett, V.P. & Gen. Mgr., Missiles & Space, Boeing Defense & Space Group (1996-1997)
Dave M. North, Editor-in-Chief, Aviation Week & Space Technology (1998-2005)
John O'Brien, Chairman of Board & President, Grumman Corporation (1990-1993)
Sean O'Keefe, NASA Administrator (2003-2005)
W. P. Olson, Senior V.P. Defense Sys. McDonnell Douglas (1996-1997)
Byron Dan Pinick, President, Defense & Space Group, Boeing Corp. (1991-1994)
General John L. Piotrowski, Commander in Chief, U.S. Space Command (1988-1991)
Elliot G. Pulham, CEO, Space Foundation (2004-2017)
Vice Admiral William E. Ramsey, USN (Ret.), Director Space Systems, CTA Incorporated (1992-1997)
General Bernard P. Randolph, USAF, Commander, Air Force Systems Command (1988-1997)
Donald B. Rassier, President, Ford Aerospace & Communications Corporation (1990-1993)
Lawrence J. Ross, Former Director, Lewis Research Center (1994)
Joseph H. Rothenberg (2000-2003)
George Rupp, President, Rice University (1987)
Joe Saponaro, President, Intermetrics, Inc. (1997-2000)
R. Gale R. Schluter, V.P. and General Manager, Boeing Expendable Launch Systems (1998-2003)
Lt. Gen. Winfield W. Scott Jr., Superintendent, U.S. Air Force Academy (1987)
Hon. James Sensenbrenner, Member of Congress (1998-2002)
Rear Admiral Alan B. Shepard, USN (Ret.) Former Astronaut (1987-1998)
W. Tom Short (1997-2016)
Wanda Sigur (2016)
General Lawrence A. Skantze, Commander, U.S. Air Force Systems Command (1987)
George M. Skurla, President, Grumman Corporation (1987)
Donald K. (Deke) Slayton, President, Space Services, Inc. of America/Former Astronaut (1987-1993)
Gerald W. Smith (2002-2003)
Paul B. Smith, President & CEO, United Space Alliance (1998)
Thomas H. Smith, Executive Director, Society of Experimental Test Pilots (1987-2000)
Larry Speight, Vice President Business Dev., Honeywell Corp. (1997-2002)
Dr. Thomas M. Stauffer, Chancellor, University of Houston-Clear Lake (1987-1993)
Arthur G. Stephenson, V.P., Oceaneering Space Systems (1996-2005)
B. Randall Stone, President & CEO, Cimarron (2003-2013)
Dr. Edward C. Stone, Director, Jet Propulsion Lab (1993-2003)
Ron Stone, KPRC-Channel 2 News (1989-1990)
James R. Thompson Jr., Director NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Exec. V.P. Orbital Sciences Corp. (1989-1999)
Louis V. Tomasetti, Senior Vice President, U.S. Division of General Electric Company (1989-1990)
Dr. John W. Townsend Jr., Director NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (1989-1991)
Russell D. Turner (1999-2003)
Frank E. Vandiver, President, Texas A&M University
Al Verderosa, Pres. Sys. Group. Grumman Space & Electronics (1993-1999)
Hon. Robert S. Walker, Member of Congress (1996)
David (Dave) H. Ward, Reporter, KTRK-TV Channel 13 (1998-2002)
Kathryn J. Whitmire, Mayor, City of Houston (1987)
S. John Wilkins, III, VP of Human Resources, Lockheed Martin Space Operations (2005-2011)
R. Gordon Williams, V.P. and Gen. Mgr., TRW Space & Electronics Group (1994-1997)
James R. Wilson, Chairman, President, CEO, Thiokol Corporation (1997-1999)
Byron D. Wood (1999-2007)
John F. Yardley, President, McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company (1987-1992)
General Ronald W. Yates, Commander, Air Force Systems Command (1991-1993)
Robert B. Young, Pres. Technology Services Group, Lockheed Corp. (1994-1995)
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