2012 Stellar Awards Winners

The 2012 RNASA Stellar Award winners in each of four categories were announced at the banquet on April 27, 2012 at the Houston Hyatt Regency hotel.

The 2012 nominations of 99 individuals and 28 teams were evaluated by former National Associate Administrator for Space Systems Development, Arnold D. Aldrich, and former National Space Trophy winners, Drs. Christopher C. Kraft Jr. and Glynn S. Lunney.

A list of all the Stellar Awards nominees was printed in the 2012 program book.

The 2012 Stellar Awards were presented by Astronauts K. Megan McArthur and Lt. Col. Robert Behnken.

2012 Early Career Stellar Award Winners

Six awards were presented in the 2012 Early Career Category.

2012 Early Career Stellar Award Winners
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L to R: Robert Behnken (presenting), Brian Crisp, Adam Schlesinger, Chris Vandezande, Pamela August, Bobby Cohanim, Steve Vanderark accepting for Andrew Abercromby, K. Megan McArthur (presenting). (NASA photo, 2012)

Dr. Andrew F. J. Abercromby of Wyle--Technical excellence and innovation in advancing the Lunar Electric Rover/Multi-Mission Space Exploration Vehicle from concept to functional prototype.

Pamela A. August of United Space Alliance--Exceptional dedication and support to assembly and maintenance operations of the International Space Station (ISS).

Babak E. Cohanim of Draper--Outstanding technical leadership in the development, test and demonstration of autonomous precision guidance, navigation, and control for robotic landers.

Brian R. Crisp of United Space Alliance--Outstanding leadership of the U.S. Command and Data Handling Instructor and Onboard Data Interfaces and Network officer flight control teams supporting ISS flight operations.

Adam M. Schlesinger of NASA Johnson Space Center--Exceptional cross-agency and international contributions to network developments, space data standards, and integrated communication testing and analysis for Space Shuttle, ISS, and Orion.

Christopher R. Vande Zande of NASA Johnson Space Center--Significant contributions towards the execution of safe EVA operations and continued advancements in the development of continually evolving EVA suits.

2012 Middle Career Stellar Award Winners

Nine awards were presented in the 2012 Middle Career Category.

2012 Middle Career Award Winners
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L to R: K. Megan McArthur (presenting), Mike Burghardt, Nancy Rustemeyer, Kevin Lunde, Anna Jarvis, Paul Hearn, Joan Singer, Nick Costen, Julie Watanabe-Sloan, Robert Behnken (presenting). Not pictured: Judith "Charlie" Blackwell-Thompson. (NASA photo, 2012)

Judith C. Blackwell-Thompson of NASA Kennedy Space Center--Superior leadership and unmatched dedication to NASA, the Space Shuttle program, and human spaceflight for launch and landing and as Processing and Operations chief.

Michael J. Burghardt of The Boeing Company--Exceptional technical expertise and leadership in positions of increasing responsibility in management in the Space Shuttle and Commercial Crew programs.

Nicholas P. Costen of MEI Technologies--Outstanding innovation in the advancement of detector technology including process development used in fabrication of the micro-shutter array for the James Webb Space Telescope.

Paul R. Hearn of Hamilton Sundstrand--Outstanding support of the ISS, including development of the common cabin air cooling system and fans inside the habitation modules, and as lead analyst for the water processor and oxygen generation assembly.

Anna M. Jarvis of United Space Alliance--Outstanding leadership, project management, and technical excellence in extravehicular activity throughout the entire ISS assembly sequence.

Kevin J. Lunde of Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne--Technical excellence and exceptional leadership towards the advancement of the state-of-the-art in rotating machinery for rockets.

Nancy L. Rustemeyer of United Space Alliance--Outstanding contributions to the assembly and operation of the ISS.

Joan A. Singer of NASA Marshall Space Flight Center--Distinguished career including recent exceptional accomplishments in leading and guiding three highly visible, high priority human space flight efforts.

Julie H. Watanabe-Sloan of Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne--For technical excellence and exceptional leadership towards the advancement of the state-of-the-art in Valve and Control Components for rockets.

2012 Late Career Stellar Award Winners

Six awards were presented in the 2012 Late Career Category.

2012 Late Career Stellar Award Winners
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L to R: Robert Behnken (presenting), Tom Davis, Vernon Gregiore, Dennis Eads, David Hartman, Brad Johnson, Antonio Elias, K. Megan McArthur (presenting). (NASA photo, 2012)

Thomas M. Davis of USAF/DoD--Extraordinary accomplishments and far reaching impact in leading the development and demonstration of small satellites and space technologies including the pioneering ORS-1, TacSat-3, and XSS-10 programs for the Department of Defense.

Dennis Eads of SAIC--Storied aerospace career exhibiting strong leadership skills and unparalleled technical expertise that have significantly reduced risk, and strongly impacted NASA programs and projects.

Dr. Antonio L. Elias of Orbital Sciences Corporation--Exemplary career and outstanding technical excellence in the conception, development and execution of multiple new generations of Earth-to-orbit transportation systems.

Vernon P. Gregoire of Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne--Exceptional leadership in the development of space propulsion systems for the military and human space programs.

David Hartman of Hamilton Sundstrand--Demonstrated expertise, technical solutions, and leadership in fluid and thermal control systems for manned and unmanned space applications, including the ISS and Space Shuttle.

Bradley Johnson of ATK--Extraordinary engineering contributions and team building, leading rocket motor teams to innovative, reliable, high performance solutions for the Orion launch abort system.

2012 Team Stellar Award Winners

Seven awards were presented in the 2012 Team Category.

2012 Team Stellar Award Winners
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L to R: K. Megan McArthur (presenting), Vernon Gergiore (P&W Rocketdyne), Howard Hu (NASA JSC STORRM), Gary Wedekind (Boeing SARJ-FR), J. D. Yamokoski (R2), Mohammed Nasrullah (Boeing ARFTA), Joe Gerky (NASA JSC WB-57), Brian Sompayrac (Lockheed Martin MPCV), Robert Behnken (presenting). (NASA photo, 2012)

Boeing Advanced Recycle Filter Tank Assembly (ARFTA) Project Team--ARFTA hardware deliveries accelerated to allow for ULF-7 (Utilization and Logistics Flight 7, STS-135) launch of reusable tanks for improved urine processing treatment for the ISS. Mohammed Nasrullah accepted for the team.

Boeing Solar Alpha Rotary Joint-Full Redundancy (SARJ-FR) Project Team--Successful design, manufacturing, and integration of SARJ-FR hardware (electronic controller, mechanical attachments, cabling, soft goods), mitigating top program risk for future SARJ failures. Gary Wedekind accepted for the team.

Lockheed Martin Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV)-Ground Test Vehicle Production and Integrated Testing Team--Production of the Orion MPCV crew module and successful integrated testing with the launch abort system. Brian Sompayrac accepted for the team.

NASA Johnson Space Center Sensor Test for Orion Relative Navigation Risk Mitigation (STORRM) Team--Outstanding technical excellence in the development and demonstration of Orion relative navigation sensor technologies for use in future crewed and un-crewed rendezvous, proximity operations, and docking capabilities. Howard Hu accepted for the team.

NASA Johnson Space Center WB-57 Halo Viper Team--Outstanding team performance in the completion of the High Altitude Observatory (HALO) Viper mission in support of operations in Southwest Asia for NATO. Joe Gerky accepted for the team.

Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne J-2X Engine Program Team--Successful development, assembly, and test of the first J-2X upper stage rocket engine system. Vernon Gregoire accepted for the team.

Robonaut 2 (R2) Team of NASA Johnson Space Center, Oceaneering, General Motors, and Jacobs--Outstanding team contributions to advancements in the field of dexterous humanoid robotics. J.D. Yamokoski accepted for the team.

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