2018 RNASA Table Reservation

Honoring Robert Lightfoot

Hyatt Regency Houston, 1200 Louisiana, Houston, Texas 77002
Friday, April 27, 2018
Black Tie Reception 6:00 p.m.

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Kindly Reserve Tables and Seats as Follows

Table reservations after March 23, 2018 may not be listed in the program book.

  No. of Tables No. of Donated Seats** No. of Single Seats
Tier 1 Platinum $5,000  
Tier 2 Gold $3,600  
Tier 3 Silver $2,200 $300
  $ Total Table(s) Cost $ Total Single Seat(s) Cost

**Please note that seating is limited and is on a first-come, first-serve basis. For each table of ten that you reserve, we would appreciate your consideration in reserving four seats for government invitees. Existing regulations of the Office of Government Ethics pertaining to the Ethics Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch prevent us from accepting requests for specific guests.

Advertisements for the Program Book

Congratulate the National Space Trophy winner with an ad in our souvenir program book distributed at our banquet. The ad reservation deadline is February 16, 2018. Materials are due March 23, 2018.

$1,250 Half page ad (horizontal)$2,100 Full page ad$2,400 Center full page***$2,600 Inside back cover***$3,200 Back/inside front cover ***

***Contact Lindsey Cousins, 281-723-5683, lindsey@baysidegraphics.net to check for availability. Lindsey will contact Admin/Ad POC to confirm placement and provide material specs.

Additional Sponsorship

Please check availability as previous year sponsors are given right of first refusal. Additional special sponsorship opportunities are available. Contact Bill Taylor (see below) for details.

$3,000 Stellar Trophies$5,000 Portrait

Payment Submittal

Make checks payable to Rotary National Awards for Space Achievement. Please
submit a copy of this form with your payment.

Mail to: Bill Taylor, RNASA Foundation
P.O. Box 58009
Houston, TX 77058-8009

Phone: 281-488- 2733
Fax: 281-461- 6335
Email: sales@rnasa.org