Edward "Pete" Aldridge Jr.

Pete Aldridge.
Pete Aldridge

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Profile as published in the February 17, 1994 program book. Author unknown.

Edward "Pete" Aldridge, President and Chief Executive Officer for The Aerospace Corporation is the recipient of the 1994 Rotary National Award for Space Achievement. Mr. Aldridge was chosen to be this year's honoree for his enormous contributions to the U.S. Space Program. His foresight and persuasive leadership on critical space policy issues have had a major impact on our space program.

Mr. Aldridge initiated the mixed fleet strategy using the space shuttle and expendable launch vehicles to support a national space launch capability. As Under Secretary and later as Secretary of the Air Force during the Reagan Administration, Mr. Aldridge persuaded NASA, the military and Congress of the need to compliment the shuttle launch capability with a back up line of alternative expendable launch vehicles. Maintaining a mixed capability proved to be a vital factor for continuing launch activity after the Challenger accident.

As Secretary of the Air Force, Mr. Aldridge developed the first comprehensive "Space Policy" for the Air Force. He was the senior Air Force official activating the Air Force Space Command in Colorado Springs and the Air Force Space Technology Center (now the Phillips Laboratory) in New Mexico.

Mr. Aldridge headed the previously classified National Reconnaissance Office for over 7 years, managing the country's military space reconnaissance assets. He has traveled to every U.S. operated military space facility in the world. In 1988, he was the first Secretary of the Air Force to enter the Soviet Union in that capacity, hosted by the Chief of the Soviet Air Forces.

Mr. Aldridge became President of McDonnell Douglas Electronic Systems Company in 1988 and, in 1992, he became President and CEO of The Aerospace Corporation.

The Foundation for the Rotary National Award for Space Achievement is proud to present the 1994 National Space Trophy to Edward C. Aldridge.

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