The RNASA Foundation

The RNASA Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors (see below), a majority of whom must be members in good standing of the Space Center Rotary Club. The officers include the chairman who oversees and approves all decisions affecting the operation of the Foundation; the vice chairman; the treasurer who prepares and monitors the budget, and pays the bills; and the secretary who keeps the minutes and also maintains the data base. One third of the directors are elected each June for three-year terms except for the Space Center Rotary (SCR) President who serves for one year while President.

The RNASA Committee serves the board and includes the directors, officers, corporate officers not serving as directors, the current Space Center Rotary Club president, the Foundation's historians, the Stellar Award's Committee chairman, the banquet facility coordinator in charge of ticket and table sales, the Foundation's contract lawyer, the Foundation's accountant who tallies the votes for the space trophy winner, the NASA and Air Force liaisons, the program book coordinator, the event production manager, the trophy coordinator, the webmaster, the publicity coordinator, and dedicated Rotarians who help with hospitality, logistics, mailings, ushering, and contacting speakers and guests.

The RNASA Foundation Board and Committee meet monthly to carry out the responsibilities of organizing, managing, and conducting the annual Rotary National Award for Space Achievement event.

2016 RNASA Committee Members

All rows L to R, Back: Steven Fredrickson, Geoff Atwater (Treasurer), Duane Ross, Mike Hernandez. Second: Bill Taylor (Vice Chairman), Lindsey Cousins, Rodolfo Gonzalez (Chairman), Delia Stephens, Jayant Ramakrishnan, Shelley Baccus, Floyd Bennett, Bob Wren. Front: John Branch (SCR President), Jennifer Devolites, L. Jean Walker (Secretary), Frank Perez, Irene Chan. Not pictured: Jeff Carr, Stephanie Castillo, Ann Charles, Mary Alys Cherry, Bill Geissler, Susan Gomez, Jacinda Green, Philip Harris, Marcus Havican, Gary Johnson, Tim Kropp, Joseph Mayer, Veronica McGregor, Branelle Rodriguez, Celina Rogers, Lori Wheaton.

2016 RNASA Committee Members

2016 RNASA Board of Directors

(Terms expire in June of year shown)

John Branch (SCR President, 2016)

Ann Charles (2018)

Mary Alys Cherry (2016)

Rodolfo González (Chairman, 2016)

Tim Kropp (2017)

Joe Mayer (2016)

Frank Perez (2016)

Jayant Ramakrishnan (2017)

Duane Ross (2017)

Delia Stephens (2018)

Bill Taylor (Vice Chairman, 2018)

2016 RNASA Officers

Rodolfo González (Chairman)
Bill Taylor (Vice Chairman)
Geoff Atwater (Treasurer)
L. Jean Walker (Secretary)

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