2013 Stellar Awards Winners

The 2013 RNASA Stellar Award winners in each of four categories were announced at the banquet on April 26, 2013 at the Houston Hyatt Regency hotel.

The 35 government and 100 corporate 2013 nominations were evaluated by former National Associate Administrator for Space Systems Development, Arnold D. Aldrich, and former National Space Trophy winners, Drs. Christopher C. Kraft Jr., Dr. Glynn S. Lunney, and Gen. Kevin P. Chilton, USAF (Ret.).

A list of all the Stellar Awards nominees was printed in the 2013 program book.

The 2013 Stellar Awards were presented by Astronauts Michael Foreman and Nicole Stott.

2013 Early Career Stellar Award Winners

Eight awards were presented in the 2013 Early Career Category.

2013 Early Career Stellar Award Winners
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L to R: Foreman (presenting), Gill, Johannes, Grant, Vareha, Megivern, Stott (presenting). Not pictured: Clemmer, Leichner, and Marshall. (NASA photo, 2013)

Major Joseph G. Clemmer of U. S. Air Force - Exceptional early career contributions supporting United States' involvement in space as intercontinental ballistic missile combat crewmember, Global Positioning System mission commander, instructor, evaluator, flight commander, and operational tester culminating as assistant operations officer at the 17th Test Squadron at Schriever Air Force Base (AFB).

Mr. Ryan T. Gill of Boeing - Exceptional hardware delivery record, daily project management mentor, and lessons learned/tool improvement advocate.

Ms. Mary Ann Grant of UTC Aerospace Systems - Exceptional leadership in implementing innovative designs to make the extravehicular mobility unit functional on the ISS well beyond the retirement of the Space Shuttle.

Dr. Lucie B. Johannes of NASA Johnson Space Center - Exceptional metallurgical engineering leadership, contributions to Agency programs and projects and advancements in state-of-the-art welding.

Mr. Aaron S. Leichner of Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne - Technical excellence and exceptional leadership in advancing small liquid rocket engines.

Dr. William M. Marshall of NASA Glenn Research Center - Exceptional leadership and technical expertise in rocket combustion research and testing that has enhanced numerous NASA programs and significantly aided the technical community.

Mr. Jeffrey M. Megivern of Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne - Outstanding support to the development and testing of the J-2X upper stage engine.

Mr. Anthony N. Vareha of United Space Alliance - Exceptional contributions leading every major failure resolution effort for the International Space Station electrical power system.

2013 Middle Career Stellar Award Winners

Eight awards were presented in the 2013 Middle Career Category.

2013 Middle Career Stellar Award Winners
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L to R: Stott (presenting), Garcia, Dodd, Feng, Keilich, Engle, Foreman (presenting). Not pictured: Curran, Lane, and Lundquist. (NASA photo, 2013)

Mr. John C. Curran of Boeing - Outstanding contributions to innovative and safe structural designs for the space industry.

Mr. Frederick E. Dodd of Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne - Exceptional technical excellence and leadership towards the advancement of liquid rocket engine combustion devices.

Mr. James M. Engle of Boeing - Outstanding leadership in the design, development, test, and delivery of a critical component of the international docking adapter (IDA) and the Energia IDA primary structure.

Mr. Ven C. Feng of NASA Johnson Space Center - Exemplary performance, outstanding leadership, and creation of a model of teamwork, mutual respect, and collaborative solution-finding for the ISS and future international spaceflight endeavors.

Mr. Sammy Garcia of Jacobs - Exceptional project management and systems engineering contributions to space simulation and testing during the design, installation, and commissioning of the JSC Chamber A high-vacuum and liquid nitrogen thermo-siphon systems supporting chamber upgrades.

Ms. Maria C. Keilich of UTC Aerospace Systems - Exceptional technical and skills leadership in systems engineering to support the development of the ISS life support system water processor, oxygen generator system, and Sabatier system.

Ms. Lisa M. Lane of Boeing - Exemplary performance in launch vehicle development through sustained structural analysis excellence.

Mr. Charles M. Lundquist of NASA Johnson Space Center - Extraordinary leadership and personal dedication in the development of the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV) Program Office.

2013 Late Career Stellar Award Winners

Seven awards were presented in the 2013 Late Career Category.

2013 Late Career Stellar Award Winners
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L to R: Foreman (presenting), Halchak, Levy, Shinguchi, Seaback, Christensen, Nygren, Stott (presenting). Bragodo not pictured. (NASA photo, 2013)

Mr. Steven W. Bragado of U. S. Air Force - Exceptional career contributions supporting United States involvement in space as Systems Threat Assessment analyst, Missile Warning operator, Space Satellite operator, crucial roles for MILSATCOM, GPS, and the Space Battlelab culminating as technical director.

Mr. John R. Christensen of Boeing - Outstanding achievements in advancing human spaceflight through excellence in leadership of mechanical systems design.

Mr. John A. Halchak of Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne - Dedicated service to spaceflight for 51 years as an industry resource in materials applications, engineering, and processes.

Mr. Robert K. Levy of Boeing - Recognized technical expertise and knowledge of the International Space Station electrical power system architecture and system safety.

Mr. Richard Nygren of SGT - Exemplary leadership and contributions to human spaceflight programs spanning from Apollo to the Constellation Program.

Mr. Charles Seaback of UTC Aerospace Systems - Distinguished career in space life support spanning Shuttle, ISS, and Orion, including extensive systems engineering and project management knowledge that has driven program successes.

Mr. Brian H. Shinguchi of Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne - Outstanding leadership in the development, production, and flight of critical rocket propulsion systems spanning a successful career of over 35 years.

2013 Team Stellar Award Winners

Seven awards were presented in the 2013 Team Category.

2013 Team Stellar Award Winners
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L to R: Stott (presenting), Evans (JSC), Pierce (Boeing), Sannes (Lockheed Martin MPCV), Cerimele (JSC Webb), Sauvageau (SAIC), Witeson (ATK), Hinde (Lockheed Martin Orion), Foreman (presenting). (NASA photo, 2013)

ATK Value Stream Mapping Improvement Team - Innovative application of lean management principles to dramatically improve affordability of space transportation hardware and services. Fred Witesman accepted for the team.

Boeing Software Toolkit for Ethernet Lab-Like Architecture Team - Innovative software application making space station payload integration easier, simpler, more familiar, and less costly. Kevin Pierce accepted for the team.

Lockheed Martin Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle Integration Test Lab Team - Outstanding efforts to plan, design, develop, assemble, integrate and execute the initial testing of the integrated avionics and software for the Exploration Flight Test 1 mission. Paul Sannes accepted for the team.

Lockheed Martin Orion Heatshield Team - Exempary contributions to the development of the heatshield for the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle. Brian Hinde accepted for the team.

NASA Johnson Space Center Capsule Parachute Assembly System (CPAS) Test Team - Exemplary contributions to the design, analysis, integration, safety evaluation, and implementation of the full scale CPAS airdrop test capabilities. Carol Evans accepted for the team.

NASA Johnson Space Center James Webb Space Telescope Chamber A Modification Team - Exceptional accomplishments in the modification of JSCís Chamber A to provide deep space environmental testing of the James Webb Space Telescope. Mary Cerimele accepted for the team.

SAIC Commercially Hosted Infrared Payload Third Generation Infrared System Team - Successfully designing, building and flying in space the first wide field of view overhead persistent infraRed sensor, on the first commercially hosted DoD mission. Joseph Sauvageau accepted for the team.

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